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Detox depends on the different characteristics of addictive substances and their physiological and psychological effects on the user. Efficient recovery truly starts right after detox. Prevailing statistics have proven how detox helps individuals avoid relapse with an all-inclusive addiction treatment program.

Individuals, who undergo this process as part of their addiction treatment program, will not willingly relapse compared to those who did not go through detox. Also, patients who underwent detoxification as part of their substance abuse treatment have more probability of recovery. Attending an immediate program at a residential facility, right after detoxification to avoid relapse, would also be very beneficial.

Addiction can have damaging effects on the individual's brain and body. When someone tries to quit from using these addictive substances the period of withdrawal succeeds. This period is characterized by painful and sometimes life-threatening symptoms. Detox may be a necessary step in order for a person to safely get out of these addictive substances. A good treatment program for drug addiction starts with an all-inclusive detox which main goal is to achieve medical stability.

Detoxification is reached through the following:

• Gradual reduction of drugs or alcohol

• Replacement of a similar or substitute drug

Some individuals may not need medical supervision during the detoxification period. It is important to go through this process in a specialized drug detox centers to ensure the patient's safety. This procedure may require medical assistance such as:

• Monitoring vital signs: some signs of withdrawal experienced throughout detox may include changes in vital signs. Some vital signs that may require medical attention are unstable body temperature, increased or decreased pulse rate, and hyperventilation or hypoventilation.

• Blood pressure: hypertension or hypotension can be signs of a serious medical condition that may require immediate medical intervention.

• Emotional support: counselors and therapists can discuss the fears and worries patients may have and help them identify addiction triggers and addiction causes.

• Pharmacotherapy: when necessary, medications will be administered and monitored by medical professionals.

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