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Substance abuse and addiction can take many forms. As if it is not complex enough, it can also be accompanied by a dual diagnosis, requiring specialized treatment. A dual diagnosis treatment center can provide the proper care and support needed to overcome the multifaceted disease. Drug treatment centers in New Britain offer the specialized programs you or someone you love needs to end their suffering. A co-existing mental disorder and addiction is difficult enough to overcome with assistance. Do not attempt to take it on alone.

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Dual Diagnosis: What Does It Mean?

Dual diagnosis is a term used to describe people that have a mental health condition as well as a co-existing substance abuse disorder. About 4 million Americans have been diagnosed such with co-existing conditions. Although there is no particular correlation as to how the disease develops, both diagnoses refer to illnesses that can be treated.

Dual diagnosis involves various types of addictions and substances of abuse. Addiction frequently accompanies mental disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, and obsessive compulsive disorder; either condition may trigger the other. An addiction to drugs or alcohol could lead to an addiction. Conversely, someone with a mental health disorder could find temporary relief from their symptoms with drugs or alcohol and then develop an addiction. The relationship between the disorders tends to be complex. Therefore, these are not issues that a person can cope with on their own. Obtaining professional help is the key to managing these illnesses.

The Relationship between Mental Health Disorders and Addiction

While the relationship between mental disorders and addiction is complex, dual diagnosis specialists understand the individual components that connect the disorders. Many people who suffer from a mental illness may attempt to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol. While using these substances, someone may feel relief from the painful symptoms of their mental disorder. Unfortunately, this relief is only temporary and does not constitute an effective or healthy way to manage the condition.

Research demonstrates that alcohol and drugs can worsen mental illness. For example, someone suffering from depression may find that drinking or drugs exacerbate their suicidal feelings. Someone who suffers from anxiety may feel a heightened sense of fear or panic if they experience any withdrawal symptoms from drugs or alcohol. It is important for people to know that abusing drugs or alcohol can lead to an onset of mental disorder symptoms, even if the person has no history of mental illness.

Treatment for Dual Diagnosis

Drug treatment centers in New Britain can help people who have co-existing disorders involving addiction and mental health illness. Dual addiction programs focus on psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, and behavioral management to help patients recover from these conditions. Upon visiting a drug treatment center, medical staff must assess the condition of the patient. Many patients require attentive monitoring as they undergo detox and experience severe mental and physical withdrawal symptoms.

Inpatient and outpatient therapies are often required for patients suffering from dual diagnosis. Addiction specialists will address the physical and mental components of the patient's addiction, while mental health therapists will provide treatments for managing the mental illness. Managing these conditions requires expert care which is available widely at drug treatment centers in New Britain.

We can provide support in your search for the treatment facility and program that best suits your needs. Call Drug Treatment Centers New Britain today at 860-357-6096.

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