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Oxycodone Overdose Symptoms

Learn More: You can help save a life if you are able to identify these Oxycodone overdose symptoms....   Oxycodone (Oxycodone hydrochloride) is a narcotic medication (opioid) available by prescription and used to treat severe pain. It is highly effective as an around-the-clock treatment to man... Read More

Rehabilitation Programs for Drug Addicts

Find help for your loved one: Why a rehabilitation program for drug addicts could save a life...   When you start taking drugs the decision may be voluntary but, reality is that because your brain's chemical balance changes, you develop involuntary cravings for the drugs: this is what an addic... Read More

What is Dual Diagnosis?

What is Dual Diagnosis And How to Get the Treatment You Need in New Britain CT...   So, what is dual diagnosis? Well, when a person suffers from a mental disorder (like schizophrenia, depression or manic depression), and at the same time they suffer from an addiction or dependence problem to e... Read More

Xanax Abuse Possible in Son of Missing Connecticut Man

Xanax Abuse Possible in Son of Missing Connecticut Man...   A raid on the home of Kyle Navin, 27, allegedly turned up bottles of the prescription drugs Xanax and oxycodone, as well as two firearms and numerous rounds of ammunition. Navin's parents, Jeffrey and Jeanette of Easton, have been mis... Read More

Drug Detox

Drug Detox - Drug Treatment Centers in New Britain CT...   Detox depends on the different characteristics of addictive substances and their physiological and psychological effects on the user. Efficient recovery truly starts right after detox. Prevailing statistics have proven how detox helps ... Read More

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