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Addiction to any kind of drug can be a serious issue for both you, and the person you love. You should seek out the proper care from a drug addiction rehab center for treatment for this disease. One of the reasons people hesitate to reach out for help is because they are not sure what to expect during rehabilitation. Facing the unknown can be frightening, but help is available through the right drug addiction rehab.

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Definition of Addiction

Addiction is often defined as a dependency on something that the person is powerless to overcome. The addict has no control over what he or she is doing. Drug addiction rehab seeks to break that bond.

The first step in drug addiction rehab is removing the toxic substance or substances from an addict's body, this is known as detoxification. After this process is complete they will then move on to counseling and therapy. Common addictions include:

  • Prescription medications
  • Illicit substances
  • Alcohol
  • Eating Disorders

Not everyone who experiments with these substances will become addicted. According to the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA), genetics plays a role. Between 50-75% of the risk for addiction comes from a family history. Psychological factors also play a part in addiction. The substance may be used as a way to cope with stress, anxiety, depression or other mental health issues.

Understanding Addiction

Addiction is both physical and mental. The physical aspect is seen in the dependence on the drug and the symptoms that are seen when the drug is withheld. The person adapts to the amount of drug taken, requiring more to achieve the same effect.

The mental aspect of the addiction is evidenced when a person makes drug use a priority over other relationships and obligations. The drug may be used to provide relief or to dull the senses and mind of negative thoughts and feelings.

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health: Summary of National Findings, 7.3% of the population age 26 and older used illegal drugs in 2013. For those ages 18-25, the rate is 21.5%. Only 1.5% of the population was involved in a treatment program.

Getting Help

Drug addiction treatment centers focus on providing immediate help to assist the drug user in overcoming the condition long-term. This includes detoxification, which cleanses the body of the drug and helps begin the process of normalizing the body's functions. In addition, these centers also provide treatment, which may be in the form of medications, to help the person stay away from the drug that he or she was addicted to. The treatment focuses on providing alternative methods of coping and teaching the person how to avoid situations that may trigger a relapse.

Two options are available for detoxification; inpatient and outpatient. People choosing inpatient treatment will stay at the facility until treatment is completed. Outpatient therapy requires the person to come to the facility for treatment, but he or she is allowed to return home. Both options are effective, but they serve different types of addicts. A person who has been a long-term user may require the inpatient treatment to help them stay committed. The amount of support that the addict has from family and friends will also play a key role in which type of treatment is best. Also the person must consider how much interaction he or she will have with those who are continuing to use.

The right drug addiction rehab center will give the addict the best chance of experiencing a successful recovery. With the right program, the person can go on to live a happy, productive life.

You can find a rehabilitation center and treatment program that best suit your needs by calling Drug Treatment Centers New Britain today at 860-357-6096.

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