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Drug treatment centers New Britain seek to provide a variety of personal alternatives to standard substance abuse rehabilitation programs. The needs of each patient are carefully evaluated using traditional and holistic methods that facilitate permanent growth and freedom from chemical dependency. Drug treatment centers in the New Britain area employ holistic and therapeutic approaches in combination with cutting edge techniques. Nutritional guidance, exercise, and holistic methods are also integrated into each program treatment plan in order to achieve permanent benefits in the lives of individuals in recovery.

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Drug Rehab Facilities in New Britain

Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient rehab programs at drug treatment centers in New Britain, CT are ideal for those individuals who need to take care of responsibilities while in recovery or who don't require a higher level of care. Patients spend a few days or several hours per week in a structured environment where they receive support and attend classes or counseling sessions led by licensed professionals. Outpatient rehab can have excellent and construction programs that may allow you to have a sustained sobriety. Outpatient recovery admits the patient to leave back to their home after several hours of individualized drug addiction therapy.

This outpatient program is offered at the various rehab facilities in New Britain and is available at different times throughout the week for your convenience. Proven clinical treatment and twelve-step methods are used to help make positive changes in the patient's life. There are many benefits to an outpatient rehab and can lead to a lasting sobriety.

A variety of activities are available throughout programs for your convenience. These activities may include:

• Individual, group and family counseling

• Faith-based programs

• Exercise and yoga

• Acupuncture and chiropractic care

• Equine therapy and art therapy

• Music and art therapy

• Nutritional guidance

Inpatient Rehab

The basic advantage over the outpatient method is that the patient enjoys a 24-hour supervised care which can be very beneficial for patients as they are not able to be around the negative environment that influences them. Recovery from drug abuse has a physical component as well which often leads the user back to the drug. An inpatient program helps the user through some of the most challenging moments throughout the recovery process as the patient's body goes through the detox process. The overseeing aspect of the program can also help stop the user from seeking out drugs or alcohol again. Sometimes, patients may feel as though it is too easy to slip back into their bad habits with an outpatient program which is why many of them seek inpatient rehab.

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About New Britain, CT

New Britain is a city in Hartford County, Connecticut. The city is home to the Central Connecticut State University, a university founded in 1849 and one of the oldest publicly funded universities. The university's athletic teams, Blue Devils, are well known. Among notable entertainers are Erin Joyce Brady who became Miss Universe 2013 and actor Kenny Johnson famous for his portrayal of Curtis Lemansky on The shield.

Located between drug trafficking organizations of New York and Boston, Connecticut has become an important destination area for drugs. Crack cocaine enters the state through Colombian and Dominican trafficking organizations. Heroin is widely available and it is easily obtainable at extremely low prices. Club drugs such as MDMA are generally distributed at nightclubs, mostly in urban areas. Marijuana is also readily available through Jamaican trafficking groups.

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