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When considering a medical detox, one may be tempted to consider an at-home detox program. It is very important to note that doing this without going to a medical detox center can be dangerous, and it may end up doing more harm than good. There are two sides to a medical detox, the psychological and the physical. Both must be addressed appropriately to break the bonds of addiction. The National Institute on Drug Abuse, or the NIDA, advises that programs should begin with stabilization, move on to the medical detox process, and finally end only when addiction has been fully eradicated. A professional understanding of these stages and challenges is necessary for a healthy, successful recovery from drug addiction.

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The Danger of a Full Stop

While many people believe that stopping cold turkey or cutting the substance out of their lives entirely is the only way to go, the reality is that the body can react violently and dangerously when a substance upon which it has become dependent is suddenly removed. A person could become ill, suffer from convulsions, and could even be in danger of death due to a heart attack. These are simply side effects from alcohol, not harder drugs or medications. Though stopping entirely seems better than continuing the abuse, it is usually not worth the risk. Many drug treatment centers in New Britain can provide a plan to ease back on use over time for a healthy cessation of drug or alcohol abuse.

Managing Withdrawal

Even when a medical drug detox does not bring about the most dangerous of withdrawal symptoms, addicts could feel nauseated, break out in cold sweats, suffer from vomiting and shaking, and have many other fever-like symptoms. These can often lead to dehydration and other related ailments. The severity of the symptoms depends on how long a drug has been used, how high a person's tolerance and dependence have been built up, and the like.

No matter how bad the symptoms are, they must be managed and addressed as they emerge. Detox centers help by providing necessary medication, hydration, and physical assistance that is needed while fighting through the early stages of withdrawal. This part of the process tends to be short and yet very intense, and it is too much for many people to do at home.

The Chances of Relapse

Going through this process at home means that people are far more likely to relapse and turn back to drugs, especially when the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms set in and they want some relief. In other cases, the addict may get through the beginning stages and then relapse in the coming weeks or months. They can fall back into similar patterns once they spend time with an old social circle. In fact, some studies have shown that as many as 50 percent of the people who get professional assistance still relapse, meaning that aftercare needs to be used. This coupled with support groups provides assistance through the whole process, not just the early stages.

People who want to detox at home often make the simple mistake of underestimating the cravings that they'll have for the drugs they have decided to abandon. They have deeply engrained habits and need psychological assistance to put them aside. They will also have physical cravings that are stronger than any desire they've felt before. Without professional assistance, dedication tends to wane quickly and people can find themselves slipping back into drug use. A home detox program may sound like a positive step, but the reality is that going to a center removes dangers and improves the chances of recovery. Give you or your loved one the advantage of a medical detox and get professional help, now.

We can provide support in your search for the treatment facility and rehabilitation program that best suits your needs. Call Drug Treatment Centers New Britain today at 860-357-6096.

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